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Grow your careers with us supporting you

The very first step in choosing the correct courses for you is to choose a career that you are passionate about.”

Student Support

Our dedicated student support team is only a phone call or email away, to answer your questions and help you prepare for exams

Industry Experts

Our expert team of career advisors undergo daily training for the latest updates and demands in the industry, to help you find the perfect role to begin your desired career.

Student Groups

Social Groups, Classes, batches for wholistic learning environment

Personalised Focus

Personalised course curriculum based on user progress.

Built on Modern Web Technologies.

Our Solution

A robust e-learning platform which:

• Complements current ‘must-have’ tertiary
education with digital skills and capacity
development learning opportunities;
• Offers flexibility, and is fully mobile compatible,
and allows learners access to materials 24/7;
• Produces graduates that are internationally
competent and ready for todays’ digital work
• In-turn enhances confidence, ensures
employment potentials are harnessed; thereby
• Contributing to IGR



GradSync Training/Learning Program

Current Portfolio

62 specifically designed courses (focused on 13 digital skill areas) are available for immediate deployment as shown in Learning Program(s) table.

Note that course suite increase anticipated; an up to date course list will be presented as applicable. 


GradSync Platform Key Features

Ease of use on personal handheld devices anywhere anytime Seamless user experience Cloud Based Software-as-a-Service (SAAS) communication Ability to integrate seamlessly with your learning platforms Ability to customise to your specific requirement e.g. front page, admin manager access page and learning pathways Administrator management dashboard with ability to: Track user progress Run data analytics Manage learners

Our Best selling courses

These are some of the top selling courses published by the masters, the industry leaders of the world.
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